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La ilaha ilAllah Mohammadur Rasoolullah...."There is none worthy of worship BUT Allah and Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is Allah's Messenger".........Rabbi zidni ilma......"O My Lord! increase me in knowledge"............Rabbana atina fid-Duniya hasanatan wafil akhirati hasanatan waqina adhaban-Nar...."Our Lord! Give us good in this World and good in the Hereafter and defend us from the torment of the fire"(2:201).....Rabbighfir war-ham wa Anta khayrur rahimin....."O my Lord! grant Your forgiveness and mercy for You are the Best of those who show mercy!"(23:118)......Allahumma-ghfir lihayyana wa mayyitina wa shahidina wa ghaibina wa saghirina wa kabirina wa dhakarina wa unthana minna fa-hyih alal-islam wa man tawaffaytahu minna fatawffah alal-iman......."O Allah! Pardon our living and our dead, the present and the absent, the young and the old, the females and the males. O Allah! he (or she) to whom You accord life, cause him (or her) to live in observance of Islam and he (or she) whom You give death, cause him (or her) to die in the state of iman".......

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Khatm-e-Nubuwwat means that Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is the Last of the Prophets. The process and routine of appointing Prophets and Messengers by Almighty Allah has been terminated, finished, ended, stopped, and sealed. None will be appointed as prophet after Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam). His prophet hood will continue until the dooms day and even afterwards, only that person can claim to be a Muslim who has belief in Khatm-e-Nubuwwat and confesses

“None is worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) is the apostle of Allah”

Almighty Allah clearly says in Holy Quran,

“Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) is not fathering any of your Men. However, he is the Messenger of Almighty Allah and the Last / Seal of the Prophets. In addition, Almighty Allah has complete knowledge of the things.”

Thus, finalization of the prophet hood has been clearly declared by Almighty Allah himself. There are about one hundred (100) verses of Holy Quran and more than two hundred (200) Sayings of the Holy Prophet on Khatm-e-Nubuwwat, which clearly and preciously convey that the practice of appointing Prophets has been finished after Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam). Let us study some of the Sayings of holy Prophet on this.

“I am the Last of the Prophets. No Prophet is there after me.”

Saad Bin Abi Waqaas narrates that the Holy Prophet Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam said to Ali

“Ali! You have the same status and relation with me as Haroon (AS) had with Mosses (AS) with the exception that there is no prophet after me.”

Hazrat Abu Amarah narrates, the Holy prophet Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam Said

“I am the Last of the Prophets and you are last of the Ummah.”

“I am the seal of the prophets and you are seal of Ummah.”

Ummul-Mumineen Hazrat Ayesha (Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anha) Narrates, the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) said

“I am the Last of Prophets and My Mosque is the Last of the mosques of the Holy Prophets.”

Hazrat Uqba bin Aamir(Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anha) narrates, the Holy Prophet Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam said

“Had there been any Prophet after me, Omer (Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anha) S/o Khattab would have been that”.

Hazrat Abu Hurerah(Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anhu) narrates ,the Holy prophet (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) said

“My example and example of other prophet's is like the one who constructed the great, grant and beautiful place but left in place a brick in one of the corners. People came to see and went around it. They praised its beauty and grandness very much. Besides they said this is one brick that has not been fixed.”

The Holy prophet Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam said,

“I am that brick and I am the last of the prophets. (I am the seal of the Prophet Hood)”.

Hazrat Sobaan(Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anhu) narrated, the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) said;

“There will be thirty faiths less liars of the highest order. Every one of them wills claims to be a Prophet. Where as in fact, I am last of the Prophets. No Prophet is to come (Here) after me”.

Hazrat Abuzar (Razi-Allah-ho-Taala-Anhu) narrates, the Holy Prophet (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) said to me

“O; Abuzar! The primarily of the Prophets is Hazrat Adam (Alaihe-Salaam) and the last of all the Prophets is Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam.”

Almighty Allah Says in Qur’an about his last prophet

“Nor does he Say (ought) of (his own) desire. It is no less then inspiration sent down to him”.

After such clear and explicit declaration by almighty Allah Himself and his last, his most distinguished prophet about the end termination of the practice of appointing Prophets, if some one does not believe in that, he is definitely an atheist and must be treated accordingly.

The whole Muslim Ummah coherence on the belief of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. All the expounders and exegetics have concorded on the meanings of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. I.e. there is neither any type of Prophet nor any sort of messenger after Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam). It is also concordat that there is no other interpretation or appropriation in the meanings of the word Khatm-e-Nubuwwat.

The abnegator (denier) of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat is abnegator of Allah his last messenger and coherence of Muslim Ummah. Denier of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat element of Nubuwwat is infidel, traitor, and biggest liar. His punishment is the Same as that Muselema Kazzab. May Allah grace all the Muslims to bound and cling them selves to the person of Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho-Alaihe-Wassallam) and remain adherent to the teachings of Islam in letter and spirit Aamin.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The truth about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani

When a qadiyani sets off to his mission of snaring an innocent Muslim, the Muslim says to him,

“I am a Muslim and believe that Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is the last Prophet of Allah Pak and that no prophet will appear again, while mirza qadiyani has claimed prophethood”
. To hear this qadiyani laughs cunningly and says, “Allah Pak forgives… mirza qadiyani has not claimed prophethood at all, nor we consider him a prophet. We take him only as a saint and holy man. As you take an oath of allegiance to a logy main, in the same way we also take an oath of allegiance to mirza qadiyani”. In reply of a question by the Muslim that they have formed a separate group from Muslims the qadiyani says,
"They have not formed any separate group from Muslims. As you people have different systems among yourselves like, Naqsh Bandi System, etc. in the same way we have ‘Ahmedia system."
Most of the Muslims become satisfied to hear such things, their anger and hatred for them cools down and so make way for qadiyanies. But o simpleton Muslims! The qadiyanies are a big fraud… mirza qadiyani has claimed prophethood no one time but a number of times. We have proofs against him…Not to speak of mirza qadiyani’s being a saint or holy man, he is not even an ordinary Muslim. To give his the status of an ordinary Muslim is also infidelity. Now as a proof we are citing some references that show his claim of prophet hood:

“Why do I call myself a prophet? Its reason is that I have the honor of having discourse with Allah Pak. Often He speaks with me and replies me. He reveals me many hidden things. He reveals such secret and hidden things of future as can be revealed only to his who is very close to His. Owing to this I was called prophet so according to Allah Pak’s decree I am a prophet. If I deny this, it will be a sin. While Allah Pak names me Prophet, why I can deny. I am stick to it until my death”

(Mirza qadiyani’s letter. May, 23. Akhbar-e-Aam Lahore. Haqeeqatul Nabuwat. P:270)

“Some days ago an objection was raised to a person to whom he took an oath of allegiance had claimed Prophethood. And the person denied the reality. He should not have replied in this way.”
(Aik Ghalety Ka Azala. P : 2 Roohani Khazain P : 206. v : 18)

“I have revealed one hundred and fifty foretellings that have come true. How can I deny being a prophet? Allah Pak Himself has chosen the name (prophet) for me, why I should reject it… or why I should fear any one else except Allah Pak.”

(Aik Ghalety Ka Azala p:3, Roohani Khazain p : 210, v : 18)

“To prove that I have been sent by Him, Allah Pak has shown so much things that if distributed among thousand prophets, can prove their prophethood… but even then the people who are like Satan do not believe in me.”

(Chashma-e-Marfat. P : 317, Roohani Khazain. P : 332 , v : 23)

“Allah Pak has supported me with thousands of His signs. Very few prophets have been given so much signs. But the people whose hearts have been sealed up cannot get benefit from Allah Pak’s Signs.”
(Tatma Haqeeqatal Wahi – p:148, Roohani Khazain p:587, v : 22)

“I swear by the Allah Pak, Who possesses my life that He sent me, He named me prophet, He called me the promised Christ, and to testify He revealed around three lakh signs.”

(Tatma Haqeeqatul Wahi, p:68Roohani Khazain, p:503, v:22)

“The third thing that this revelation proves is that Allah Pak will save qadiyan from the catastrophic disease – plague, whether it remains in the world for seventy years. Its reason is that qadiyan is the throne of His prophet and it is assign for all nations. The true Allah Pak is He who sent prophet in qadiyan.”

(Dafey-ul-bala, p:10-11, Roohani Khazain, p:230, 231, v:18)

Replying to a question of them (of an English man and woman who came from Chicago to qadyan) that what the proof of your claim is, mirza qadiyani said,

“I am not a novel prophet. Hundreds of prophets have appeared before me…the arguments that prove the prophethood of a prophet can also be used for me. I am also from the line of the prophets.”

(Akhbar Alhukam qadiyan, 10 April 1908, Malfoozat, p:217, v:10, copied from Al-fazl)

“I am not a novel Prophet. A number of Prophets, to whom you consider true Prophets, have appeared before.”
(Akhbar Al-fazal qadiyan , v :18 No 7 p:7 15 July 1930)

“So, that is why (in this Ummah) just I have been specified to be called a prophet and all the other people do not deserve this name (prophet)… It should have been the case… as it has been foretold in the ‘Ahadith’ (Sayings of Holy Prophet (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) that there would be only one person entitled to this status.”

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi p:391, Roohani Khazain p:402, 403, v:22)

“As I believe in the verses of the Holy Quran, in the same way I believe in the revelation that has been revealed to me continuous sings of Allah Pak have proved the truth of my revelation. While I am in the Holy House of Allah (Baitullah, I swear that the same Allah Pak sends His revelations towards me who sent His words and revelations towards Moses (AI), Christ (AI) and Hazrat Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam)

(Aik Ghalety Ka Azala. P:7, Roohani Khazain p:210, v:18)

I swear by Allah Pak that I have faith in my revelations (inspiration) in the same way as I have faith in the Holy Quran and other Divine Books. And as I consider the Holy Quran as exclusively the words of Allah Pak, in the same manner I consider my revelation the Words of Allah Pak.”
(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi p:211, Roohani Khazain p:220, v:22)

“I believe in all the revelations that are being descended on me as I believe in Torah, Injeel (New Testament) and the Holy Quran.”

(Tableegh-e-Risalat. V:8, p:64. October 14, 1899 Majmoya Ishtaharat. P:154 v:3)

“I believe in my revelation as i believe in the Torah,
Injeel and The Holy Quran.”

(Arbaeen Number 4 . p:25)

“For the promised Christ (mirza qadiyani) his revelations were Allah Pak’s Words. And his revelation is of the same rank as that of the Holy Quran, Torah and the Injeel.”

(Akhbar Al-fazal, qadiyan v:22 . No. 84 . January 13, 1935.

Munkreen Khailafet Ka Anjam p:49, by Jalalud Din qadiyani)

“And in reply we reply we swear that not ‘Hadith’ but Quran and whatever is revealed to me is the base of my claim (of prophethood). However, to support our claim we mention those ‘Ahadith’ that are according to the Quran and do not contradict my revelation. To other ‘Ahadith’ we throw away like waste.
(Ijaze Ahmedy . P:30, Roohani Khazain . P:140 v:19)

“The person who has been sent by Allah Pak has the authority, after gaining knowledge from Allah Pak, to accept or reject any heap of ‘Ahadith.

(Tohfa Goledvia . P:10, Roohani Khazain P:51 v:17)

“Comprehend the Divine Law. Whoever explained certain commands and prohibition through his revelation became the giver of divine law. There are also commands and prohibitions in my revelation. There is also renewal of important commands of divine law. That is why Allah Pak has likened my education and revelation with a boat… Allah Pak has called my revelation, my giving of education and taking my oath of allegiance Noah’s boat. He made it a center of salvation for all the Muslims. Only the people having eyes and ears can see and listen.”

(Hashiya Arbaeen No 4 p:783, Roohani Khazain p:435 v:17)

“Now this is the time of running towards me. It is like sitting in a ship exact at the time of flood (cyclone). And the person who does not believe in me is like who is handing himself over the flood and has no chance to escape.”

(Dafey-ul-bala. P:13, Roohani Khazain p:233 v:18)

“Listen attentively! The time of revealing the awe-inspiring name of Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) is over because sufficient grandeur has appeared. Now the rays of the sun cannot be borne. It is the time for cool moonlit, and that is I as Ahmad. Now the time is to reveal the aesthetic aspect and moral excellence.”

(Arbaeen Number 4 p:17, Roohani Khazain p:445 v:17)

“In this age Allah Pak intended to combine the features of all the Holy Prophets in one personality, that is me.”
(Brahen-e-Ahmedia p:98-101, Roohani Khazain p:17 v:21)

“The person who does not follow you, and does not join your party and opposes you is disobedient towards Allah Pak and his abode is Hell.”

(Ishtahar, mirza qadiyani. Manderja Tableegh Risalat . v:9 p:27).

“Every Muslim likes my books and takes benefits from their knowledge, testifies my prophethood and accepts it. But the issue of the adulteresses did not terrify me (my prophethood).”
(Aina Kamalat-e-Islam p:547, Roohani Khazain p:54 v:5).

“Whoever does not believe in our success is a bastard.”

(Anware Islam p:30, Roohani Khazain p:31 v:9)

The above-mentioned references prove that:

1. Mirza qadiyani is Allah Pak’s prophet (Allah Pak forgives).

2. Mirza qadiyani is Allah Pak’s messenger (Allah Pak forgives).

3. Revelation is sent to mirza qadiyani (Allah Pak forgives).

4. Mirza qadiyani’s revelation is like that of the Quran (Allah Pak forgives).

5. Mirza qadiyani’s revelation has commands and prohibitions in it (Allah Pak forgives).

6. The throne of mirza qadiyani’s prophethood is in qadiyan (Allah Pak forgives).

7. Three lakh miracles prove mirza qadiyani’s prophethood (Allah Pak forgives).

8. Those who don’t believe in mirza qadiyani are no more Muslims and will go to Hell (Allah Pak forgives).

9. Those who don’t believe in his prophethood are bastards (Allah Pak forgives).

10. Allah Pak has sealed up their hearts that do not believe in mirza qadiyani’s prophethood (Allah Pak forgives).

11. Mirza qadiyani has the authority in accepting and rejecting ‘Ahadith’ (Allah Pak forgives).

12. When Allah Pak intended to combine the features of all the Prophets, He created mirza qadiyani (Allah Pak forgives).

O qadiyanies! We took it great pains to prove mirza qadiyani’s prophethood. Now you can see the reality of the English prophethood. The culprit himself has confessed his crime. But if you remain adhere to the evil path, no one can save you from going to Hell.