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Monday, June 26, 2006

False Prophecies of a False Prophet

(All references are from Qadiani books)

To support his claim of being the Promised Messiah, Mirza Ghulam often engaged in debates with little known Christians. In 1893, Mirza Ghulam challenged Mr. Abdullah Khan Atham, a retired deputy commissioner and a Christian, to a debate to prove the truthfulness of either religion. In his challenge to Mr. Atham, Mirza Ghulam boasted:

"I am ready for this Holy War."
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 65)

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had earlier stated:

"I agree that if the signs of my truthfulness are not shown, I will admit that I am not from God and will give up Islamic faith or will surrender half of my wealth for propagation of Christianity."
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 48-49)

"I swear upon God that God told me 'Whatever was given to the Messiah (Jesus) has been given to you and you are the Promised Messiah'."
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 49)

The debate between Mirza Ghulam and Mr. Atham commenced on May 22, 1893 and went on till June 5, 1893. Toward the end of the debate, Christians brought one blind, one deaf, and one paralyzed individual to the debate and challenged Mirza Ghulam to cure them as Jesus(pbuh) had done! Naturally, Mirza was not able to cure any of them.
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 291)

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani offered such a weak argument against Mr. Atham and was so badly humiliated that both Muslims and Christians were openly admitting the failure of Mirza to prove the truthfulness of Islam. (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 9, P. 25) Several Qadianis were even reported to have converted to Christianity, as the result of Mirza Ghulam's loss.
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 9, P. 28, footnote)

Having been so badly defeated, Mirza Ghulam resorted to one of his old tricks. On June 5, 1893, he announced that the night before he has received a Grand Prophecy from Allah(SWT). He said:

"When I humbly entreated and implored God Almighty and prayed to Him to show me the details of the matter, He indicated to me that the liar will die within 15 months (before September 5, 1894), provided he does not return to the truth (Islam); and he who is on the truth and believes in true God, his honor will be restored and when this prophecy is fulfilled some blind man will start seeing, paralyzed start walking, and deaf start hearing. I admit that if this prophecy proves to be False, I am prepared for every punishment. My face should be blackened and I should be hanged. I swear by the Mighty Allah that what I have said will happen. It must happen. It is possible that the earth may be changed for another earth and the sky may be replaced by another sky, but it is not possible for God's word to change -- prepare for me a cross if my falsehood is exposed and curse me more than the Satans and the evil persons are cursed."
(Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 6, P. 292-293; Jang-i-Maqaddas, P. 188)

We need to keep in mind that Mr. Atham was already sixty six (66) years old, at the time of this prophecy. During the next 10 months, several attempts on Mr. Atham's life were made: someone fired a shot at him, a cobra was found in his house, people tried to break the door to his bedroom, etc. (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 13, P. 163)

Following all these attempts on his life, Mr. Atham was given continuous police protection and, to throw off the would be assassins, he changed his residence several times. As the promised deadline drew closer, Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and his followers grew more and more anxious. Mirza even resorted to distributing candies among children, asking them to pray for Atham's death (What manner of a prophet was he?)! On August 22, 1894, in a letter to one of his closest associates, Mirza Ghulam stated:

"Respected brother Rustam Ali,
Peace, God's mercy and blessing on you.

Your esteemed letter and card have reached me through the mail. Only a few days are now left for the fulfillment of the grand prophecy. We pray that God might save his servants from confusion and trial. The person in question (Abdullah Atham) is currently in Ferozpur (a city in India) and is still hale and healthy. May Allah save His weak servants from distraction. Amen! Amen! I am fine. Please also ask Moulvi Sahib to join us in our prayer (that Mr. Atham should die).
Salam; Ghulam Ahmad from Qadian."
(Maktubat-e-Ahmadiah, Vol. 5, No. 3, P. 128, by Yaqub Ali of Qadian)

So much for Mr. Atham's attempt to try to live in hiding. Qadianis were keeping track of his whereabouts; fortunately, Mr. Atham was under 24 hour police protection. Bashir Ahmad, a son and a very close supporter of Mirza Ghulam, has recorded the following:

"Miyan Abdullah Sinnuari has reported to me that when only one day was left for the expiration of the prophecy (September 4, 1894), the Promised Messiah (Mirza Ghulam) summoned Miyan Hamdi Ali and I and ordered us to take a particular number of beans and recite on them a particular chapter of the Holy Quran so many times. I have forgotten the verse, but I remember it was a short surah, probably as short as "Al-Fil". We spent the entire night reciting the chapter and, after completing the assignment, we took the beans to His Holiness (Mirza Ghulam). He lead us to the northern part of Qadian and told us: 'I shall soon throw these beans in a deserted well. When I throw these, do not look behind but turn back on your heels and hasten back home.' He did so and we ran back home without looking behind."
(Sirat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. I, P.159/178, by Bashir Ahmad Qadiani)

Yet, nothing happened! Mirza Ghulam had another prophecy:

God has told me that "he (Mr. Atham) will die soon; if not, then the sun on the last day of the 15th month (September 5, 1894) will not set until Atham dies."

(Reported in Al-Hakam Qadiani Newspaper, September 7, 1923)

Yaqub Ali Qadiani in his book titled the Life of the Promised Messiah recounted:

"When the last day of the period appointed for Atham dawned, the faces of the Qadianis were pale white and their hearts were perturbed. Some of us had laid bets with the opponents on the death of Abdullah Atham. A sense of dismay and depression prevailed....
(Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P. 7)

The sun set and nothing, again! Mirza Ghulam gathered people in a mosque and reassured them that nothing was lost. He prophecised that "The sun will not rise and Atham will be dead." He ordered them to pray all night asking for the death of Atham.(Raees-e-Qadian, Vol. 2, P. 172). That night voices were heard from every Qadiani house in town, so that the "cries and wails reached such a pitch that even the opponents felt afraid." (Sirat-ul-Mehdi, P. 7)

Yet, the sun rose and Mr. Atham had not died! Many Qadianis were agitated by these failed prophecies, some even gave up on their faith. Mirza Ghulam, once again, gathered his remaining supporters and gave them a sermon on the meaning of tests and trials. Some accepted his explanation and forgot the failure of the prophecies he had attributed to Allah(SWT). On the other hand, the Christians celebrated the failure of Mirza Ghulam in Amristar (a city in India) and carried Mr. Atham around in a victory march. To them, Mirza Ghulam's loss equated the loss of Islam. (Al-Hukam of Qadian, September 7, 1923, by Rahim Buksh Qadiani)

In a last attempt to save face, Mirza Ghulam and some of his close associates suggested that, since the prophecies had not come to pass, Mr. Atham must have turned his back on Christianity and become a Muslim! (Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 9, P. 2)

Apparently, this self-proclaimed Prophet did not think much of his own followers! Did he expect his followers to forget that Allah(SWT) will not go back on His promise to his prophet? Did he even expect them to forget his own words:

"It is possible that heaven and earth may heavens might be shaken from their place but the promise of God is unshakable."
(Jang-i-Muqaddas, P. 2)

In an announcement published in the newspaper Wadadar on September 15, 1894, Mr Atham declared:

"I invite your attention to the prophecy of Ghulam Ahmad about my death. I inform you that, by the grace of God, I am safe and sound. I have heard Ghulam Ahmad alleging that I have turned my back on Christianity. I proclaim that this is a lie. I was a Christian and I ever remained a Christian and I thank God that He made me a Christian..."

(Wafadar, Lahor, September 15, 1894 - not a Qadiani paper)

Muhammad Ali Khan, the son-in-law of Mirza Ghulam, in a letter to Mirza Ghulam expressed his dismay and concern for the clear loss and failure of all the prophecies:

"Respected Maulana, May God keep you safe!
Peace and Mercy of Allah on you.

Today, is the 7th of September, while the last day of the fulfillment of the grand prophecy was the 5th of September. I shall not repeat the words of the prophecy. I shall, however, mention the words of your revelation -

'Now I promise before God that if my prophecy is proved to be a false one and the liar does not die within the period of fifteen months and is not plunged into Hell, I am prepared for my punishment By God, it will so happen. The earth and the heavens might be shaken from their place but the promise of God is unshakable.'

Was this prophecy fulfilled according to Mirza Sahib's description? No - Never. Abdullah Atham is safe, sound, and alive and is not punished by dead to be flung into Hell. I do not consider any other interpretation is possible for this prophecy than what it clearly meant to be. It, however, sounds very ugly that every prophecy is misunderstood and had to be elaborately interpreted to be rightly understood. At the birth of a child, for instance, it was named Bashir (harbinger of good tidings) for good omen, and when it died, you said the matter was misunderstood. As for the prophecy concerning Atham, it has given birth to the very master piece of distortion and interpretation."
(Aina-e-Haq Numa, P. 100-101, Published by Yaqub Ali Qadiani)

Once more, let's review the failed prophecies which Mirza Ghulam attributed to Allah(SWT), in regard to Mr. Atham:

  • Mr. Atham will accept Islam;
  • Mirza Ghulam has been given all the capabilities given to Jesus(pbuh);
  • Mr. Atham will die by September 5, 1894;
  • A blind man will start seeing, a paralyzed person will start walking, and deaf individual will start hearing;
  • The sun on the last day of the 15th month (September 5, 1894) will not set until Atham dies;
  • The sun will not rise and Atham will be dead.

It is unfortunate that Mirza Ghulam has already died. If he were alive now in an Islamic state (not protected by British forces), Muslims would have done as he suggested. They would have blackened his face and hung him as he had requested.

Do you have any doubt that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was a grand fabricator?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani's predictions on Muhammadi Begum

(All references are from Qadiani books)

Mirza Ahmad Baig, a cousin of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani (the founder of the Qadiani cult), had a beautiful daughter, by the name of Muhammadi Begum, in whom Mirza Ghulam Qadiani had shown an interest. However, Mirza Baig, a devoted Muslim, had repeatedly refused to wed his elder daughter to the false Qadiani Prophet whom he viewed as a non-believer (Kafir).

By chance, Mirza Baig needed the signature of Mirza Qadiani on a deed pertaining to a piece of land Mirza Baig owned. Mirza Qadiani tried to exploit the situation and suggested he will do so, after requesting divine recommendation (Istekhara). A few days later, Mirza Qadiani informed Mirza Baig that he would sign the deed only if Mirza Baig would agree to wed his young daughter to him. Mirza Qadiani, suggested that he had received a divine revelation of dire consequences should the marriage not take place. His words were:

“The Almighty God has told me that I should send a marriage proposal to the elder daughter of a Ahmad Baig; he has also ordered you to accept me as your first son in law and derive light from my knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore, I am to inform you that I have been granted the permission to execute the deed of the land you are interested in and bestow upon you additional land and other favors, provided you wed your daughter to me. This is the only treaty between you and I. So, if you accept, I will accept this too. If you do not accept, then God has ordered me to warn you that -- in case the girl is married to someone else -- it will not be auspicious for you or her.”
(Aaiana-e-Kamalat-e-Islam Dar Khazain, Vol. 5, P. #572)

Certain of the treachery of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, Mirza Ahmad Baig and his family refused to heed his empty threats. In retaliation, Mirza Qadiani wrote other threatening letters and ordered the creation of posters suggesting dire reprisals from Allah(SWT), in case Muhammadi Begum was not wedded to him. The following exemplify the false prophecy of this self-proclaimed prophet:

“As a token of the Almighty’s favor to this humble person, Allah has ordained that, should Mirza Ahmad Baig refuse to wed his elder daughter to me, he will be considered Allah’s enemy and a disbeliever (Kafir). Additionally, as a punishment for his disbelief, Mirza Baig will die within three years of this refusal and any other man who marries Muhammadi Begum will die within two and half years of the date of his wedding. Muhammadi Begum is destined -- by the almighty Allah -- to ultimately become my wife.”
(Tableeg-e-Resalat, Vol. 1 , P. 61 --
Collection of Posters-102, Vol. 1 -- Hashia; Feb. 20,1886)

Once it became clear that Muhammadi Begum was promised to another man and a wedding was to take place within a few weeks, Mirza Qadiani intensified his threats. This is a sampling of the falsehood Mirza Ghulam Qadiani conjectured and attributed to the Almighty Allah(SWT):

“I am making not one, but six predictions:
  • I will be alive at the time of the wedding of Muhammadi Begum;
  • Mirza Baig will also be alive at the time of the wedding of his daughter;
  • Mirza Baig will die within three years of the date of the wedding;
  • The Groom will also die within two and half years of the date of the wedding;
  • Muhammadi Begum will remain alive until she becomes my wife;
  • Despite disagreement of all her relatives, she will finally marry me."
    (Aaina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam Dar Roohani Khazain, P. 325/57”)

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani made similar prophecies in many of his other books, including “Anjam Aatham” (P. 31) and “Tazakara”. However, by the grace of God, his prophecies proved completely wrong. In fact, Muhammadi Begum married a true Muslim, Mirza Sultan Ahmad. They lived together blissfully for forty years after Mirza Ghulam Qadiani’s death in 1908. Mirza Sultan Ahmad finally died in 1948 and Muhammadi Begum passed away in 1966, decades after Mirza Ghulam’s prophecies. Up to her death bed, Muhammadi Begum openly ridiculed Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and declared him a liar and a great deceiver (Dajal).

It is indeed a miracle of Allah(SWT) that Mirza Qadiani’s predictions did not materialize. Today, anyone with an ordinary prudence can conclude that Mirza Ghulam Qadiani was an imposture and the worst kind of a liar: one whom fabricated lies and attributed them to the Almighty Allah(SWT)

Identification of true Messiah of the Last Era

"And verily he (Jesus) shall be a sign of the Hour (of judgment), so doubt not in it."
(Holy Quran, 43:61)


Allah's Prophet Muhammad(SAW) has informed that some major signs shall precede the occurrence of the Resurrection Day. Among them are: the Appearance of Hazrat Mahdi, emerging of Dajjal, the one-eyed impostor, and descending of Hazrat Masih Isa Bin Mariam(AS) in this world. This Tradition has been received as a Mutawatir Hadith.

Many insolent adventurists sprang up in the past, claiming to be Mahdi or Masih but their claims paled down on the touchstone of truth and facts. However, their protagonists in some numbers are still alive. Taking his cue from these liars, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian (India) followed in their footsteps in the nineteenth century A.D. Moving step by step, he claimed to be a revivalist (Mujaddid) in 1884, Masih in 1891 and finally a prophet (Nabi) in 1901. In this manner, one more name was added in the list of those who claimed to be Masih, Mahdi and Nabi.

In Rajab, 1399, A.H., I wrote a pamphlet which was in reply to a letter, a Qadiani had sent me. In it I had enumerated some holy utterances of the holy Prophet(SAW) in this regard. These were but the same as Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had himself earlier acknowledged. Mirza admitted that these special signs must precede before Masih comes forth in the world. Despite what he had admitted, he came out later with the claim that he himself was Mahdi and Masih, knowing well that he was telling lies and making false claims.

My pamphlet, which is now before you titled as Shinakht (Identification) has been published several times in the past but here is its revised edition.

May Allah, the Exalted, grant it approbation and turn it into an instrument for guiding the misguided ones.

Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi Rajab 14, 1410, A.H.

Identification Signs of Hazrat Masih (Jesus)

A Qadiani gentleman once wrote me a piece of advice. He told me:

"You have made lots of plans and schemes for the destruction and ruin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. You have shown all possible hostility to his God and Prophet. Now, come, be kind to yourself for God's sake. If you can't reform your own self, at least don't invite God's displeasure to hit you because you are misguiding people and carrying them away from what is true".

My answer was: "Indeed, indeed, I value your advice. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, if really a Masih and a Mahdi, my denial of him amounts to my denying Allah. I stand exposed, inviting His displeasure because I am misguiding people. But same to you, my brother-in-humanity, if it happens the other way round, that is, if Mirza Ghulam Ahmad turns out to be a cheat".

While analyzing the contents of your letter I saw that you quoted one statement of the holy Prophet(SAW). You wrote that he said: "When Masih and Mahdi appear, convey to them my salaam." Now, I ask you: Along with this message, the Prophet(SAW) must have also told the Ummah how to recognize and identify Masih, because unless he is recognized how would the Ummah convey to him the Prophet's message of salaam. Also, when we should expect Masih to come; how long he will stay; what about his physical looks, his dress; where he will go; what he will do; when and where he will die; and so on. Yes, for your information, all necessary signs and details about these matters have been bequeathed to the Ummah in the exalted Traditions of the holy Prophet(SAW).

Let's analyze these signs one by one. Let's see, whether Mirza fits into them. If he does, OK, take him on as Masih and call others to do the same, but if he does not, then, I shall take you for a ride and tell everybody that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was an ultra-hoax. I wouldn't stop at that. I would also say that chicanery has degrees; Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri (U.P., India), Mulla Muhammad Attoki (Punjab) and Ali Muhammad Baab (Iran) were hoaxes in the comparative degree but Mirza was in the superlative degree! After my analysis if you still persisted in calling him a 'Masih', then, I am afraid, a vulture with sleepy eyelids is a phoenix for you.

Therefore, it is a duty, yours, mine and that of everybody to focus Mirza into the light of those identification signs the holy Ahadith specify. If Mirza's parameter blurs, be honest to reject him. Take up my gauntlet since it's you who have stirred up the hornets' peace. I proceed with Allah's guidance:

1. Times of Hazrat Masih's Arrival

When will Hazrat Masih (AS) come is obviously the foremost question. For an answer to it, I quote your grand-sire Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself from his book Haqiqat-ul Wahi, P.193:

First sign: "Said Allah's Prophet Allah will raise for this at the head of each century, one person who will revive Deen for it." (Abu-Dawood). And this is also unanimously agreed among Ahle-Sunnat that the last revivalist of this Ummah is the promised Masih who will appear in the last era. Now this should be inquired into whether this era is the last one or not? Jews and Christians, both the nations agree, that this is the last era. Ask them, if you like". (Haqiqat ul Wahi, P. 193)

Mirza in the above statement has tacitly alluded to himself as Masih.

Mirza check-mated in the light of his above statement

Major premises, as established by Mirza himself:

  1. Saying of the holy Prophet (SAW) that one revivalist will head every century;
  2. Unanimous agreement among Ahle-Sunnat that Masih will be the last revivalist of the last era;
  3. Jews and Christians agree that Mirza's period is the last era.

Minor premises, also established by Mirza

  1. Fourteenth century is the last century;
  2. In it will come the last revivalist;
  3. The last revivalist will be Masih.


  1. Fourteenth century is finished;
  2. Fifteenth century has started;
  3. New revivalist will come in fifteenth century.

Q.E.D. (Thus Was Proven)

  • Mirza is not the last revivalist;
  • Mirza is not Masih;
  • Mirza is an arch-hoax.

I expect my Qadiani well-wisher to understand this much of geometry at least! If honest, let him give a straight verdict:

That Mirza is just Mirza
Neither Masih nor Mahdi,
But only a Masquerade
Patriarch of progeny
Of the gullible and the cunning.

2. Duration of Masih's stay on earth

Second question is how long Masih will live in this world. The Ahadith say forty years. Mirza Mahmud Ahmad acknowledged it (Haqiqat un Nubuwwah, P. 192). His father, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, had already declared likewise. He rather claimed to have had a revelation to the effect that he would preach for forty years. In his Nishan-e-Aasmani on P. 13, his poetic vein throbbed when he quoted Shah Niamat Ullah Wali and conveniently fitted the contents of his couplet upon himself.

"Till forty years O brother mine, era of that cavalier, I see". (Mirza calling himself a cavalier).

Mirza further writes:

"From that day, the Imam will reveal himself, as one who is divinely inspired; he will have a life of forty years thereafter. Now let it be clear that this humble has been commissioned for preaching the truth by special revelation in fortieth year of his life and has been given a good news that 'thy age is up to 80 years or thereabouts'. Therefore, by this revelation my preaching commission is proved up to 40 years, out of which full 10 years have already passed".

It is evident from Mirza's above statement that he means to say that Hazrat Masih(AS) will live for forty years on his second coming to the world. Claiming Messiahship in 189l, Mirza died on May 26, 1908; living 17.5 years as a self-proclaimed Masih in the world. If we also include that period when he claimed only to be a Mujaddid and not Masih, even then till June 1892 (the year of publication of Nishan-e-Aasmani) the period of "full ten years" will be further added. In other words his claim of Messiahship started in 1882 and by 1908 his living period would be 26 years. Hence even then Mirza did not fulfill the Prophetic saying (viz. Masih will stay in the world for forty years) and his claim of Messiahship did not prove true. Consequently, I ask, did Mirza complete his 40 years of preaching since "that humble had been commissioned"? No, never. Yet another proof of his lies!

Ironically someone told me: Mirza was going to die in 1922, but look at Hazrat Izraeel(AS) who started his count-down in 1908; good that he was packed up earlier and was released from his melancholic hyster-mania. Had not the world seen of him, heard of him, enough!

3. Details relating to Hazrat Masih's Personality

(a) Marriage and Children
According to Mishkat Shareef (P. 480) Hazrat Masih(AS) on coming down to the world will marry and have children.

Mirza admits this in juxtaposition and support of his own "celestial" marriage. He writes:

"Allah's Prophet(SAW) has already foretold in support of this prediction (i.e. Muhammadi Begum's marriage with Mirza 'in the sky') that the promised Masih will take a wife and will be father of children. Now, to mention wife and children is obviously a normal occurrence because everyone marries and has children; so no excellence in that. But (a particular Mention of) taking a wife and having children means some special wife and some special children. In this respect a prediction of this humble self is already there. In other words, it appears the Prophet(SAW) is giving a reply to the doubts of the black-hearted unbelievers that these events will certainly occur! " (Appendix Anjam-e-Atham, P. 53).

A person who does not believe in the fulfillment of Prophetic utterances is no doubt black-hearted.

Mirza had written this in 1896. By that time, he had married twice and he had children from both wives. But no excellence in that, he said. The marriage to be excellent had to be in the nature of a token from Allah. But neither the "special marriage" nor "special children" were in Mirza's luck. Thus, he failed to match the criteria of identification which the Prophet(SAW) has established for Hazrat Masih This is another point which proves that Mirza was not Masih

(b) Haj and Pilgrimage
In course of fixing an account of the events from the life of Hazrat Masih(AS), the Prophet of Allah(SAW) spoke very specifically about the performance of Haj and Umra (to Mekkah) by hazrat Masih(AS) and also about conveying his salaam to the holy Prophet when he (i.e. Masih(AS) would present himself at the holy mausoleum in Madina Munawwara. (Mustadrak Hakim, Vol. 2, P. 595). Mirza himself had acknowledged that it would happen. Consequently according to his Ayyam-e-Sulh, P. 168, once, when he was asked as to why he did not perform Haj by then, he replied:

"Our Haj will be at the time when Dajjal having forsaken his infidelity and deception would perform Baitullah's tawaf (around Kaba), because, according to Hadith Sahih, same would be the time for the promised Masih to perform Haj".

At another place, it is reported in Mirza's Malfoozat (Record of conversations):

"Letter of Maulvi Muhammad Husain Batalvi was read out in the esteemed presence of hazrat promised Masih, wherein objection was raised as to why he did not perform Haj. In reply, the promised Masih said: "My first assignment is killing of swine and breaking of the 'cross'. I am still killing swine; many swine have died but many hard cores are still left. Let there be some respite and disengagement!" (Malfoozat-e-Ahmadiya, Part Five, P. 264, compiled by Manzoor Ilahi).

The world knows that Mirza was denied the good fortune of performing Haj and pilgrimage to the Prophet's mausoleum till at last he breathed away into thin air. This proves again that he was not the promised Masih and did not match the token set up by the Prophet(SAW).

(c) Death and Burial
Allah's Prophet(SAW) said that Hazrat Masih(AS) would die after completing the duration he was destined to pass in the world and that Muslims would offer his funeral prayers and bury him in the holy mausoleum by the side of Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar(RAs) (Mishkat, P. 480)

Admitting this statement of the Prophet(SAW), Mirza writes in his book Kashti-e-Nooh, P. 15:

"The Prophet(SAW) says, 'the promised Masih will be buried in my grave', that is to say he (Masih) is the same as I"

At another place, in Izala-e-Auham he writes:

"Possibly there may come some resembler of Masih who may be buried near the mausoleum of the Prophet(SAW)"

The whole world knows that Mirza never had a chance to breathe the air of Medina. He lied buried in Qadian. Hence he could not be deemed the promised Masih.

4. Hazrat Masih(AS) will descend from the sky

That Masih(AS) for whom the Prophet(SAW) desired his salaam to be conveyed will be the one who would descend from the sky. In his book, Izala-e-Auham on page 81, Mirza himself confirmed this indication given by the Prophet(SAW) as follows:

"For instance this word is there in the Hadith of Sahih Muslim that when Hazrat Masih will descend from the sky, his dress will be of yellow color"!

Now, who does not know that Mirza came out from the womb of Chiragh Bibi? Is a woman's womb called 'sky'. Can you still say Mirza was Masih?

5. Details of Deeds of Hazrat Masih

The holy Prophet(SAW) has given the details of the deeds which shall be accomplished by Hazrat Masih; for instance, Hadith of Sahih Bukhari says:

"I swear by Him in Whose hands is my life that soon there will descend among you Hazrat Isa Ibn-e-Mariam as a Just authority; so (he) will break the 'cross', kill swine and discontinue war!" (Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1, P. 490)

This noble Hadith mentions several deeds which Hazrat Masih will perform after his descent. Before going into those, let's evaluate the significance of the Oath which was taken here by the Prophet(SAW). First of all you should understand what does an oath signify. An oath, as ever, is pronounced on those occasions where, either the assertion appears doubtful, or some element of astonishment exists or where the assertion admits no incongruity. Absolute credence in the veracity of a statement is the sine qua non of an oath. Mirza agrees to this and in his book Hamamat ul Bushra, on page 14, says:

"An oath vouches that the news must go along with its prima-facie; there is no interpretation in it and no exclusion"

(a) Who is Masih (AS)
The Prophet(SAW) testified that:

  1. Name of the coming Masih shall be Isa; But Mirza's name was not Isa. It was Ghulam Ahmad. Imagine the difference between Isa and Ghulam Ahmad? Any connection between the two?
  2. Name of Masih's mother is Mariam Siddiqa; But the name of Mirza's mother was Chiragh Bibi.
  3. Masih(AS) shall descend from the sky; But Mirza did not descend from the sky.

The Prophet(SAW) pronounced the above three signs on oath and Mirza admitted them all. To quote him again: "An oath vouches that the news goes along with its prima-facie; there is no interpretation in it and no exclusion". Therefore, judge for yourself the act of that man who takes the liberty of circumventing the oath of the Prophet Would he be considered to have faith in the Prophet(SAW)? Certainly not!

(b) Masih(AS) will be a Just Authority
The Prophet(SAW) also pronounced on oath that Masih(AS) will come in the capacity of a ruler who is just and will perform Khilafat duties and would be a sovereign over the entire Millat-e-Islamia. On the other hand, we find Mirza begged to remain the most obedient servant of Queen Victoria of England. For generations, Mirza was a faithful subject of the British Indian rulers and felt honored when his ancestors were given a chair to sit on in the British Darbar held in Delhi. He took pride to be in the serfdom of British rulers. A toady of the British imperialists, he fawned on the British Queen, owed fealty to her Lords in India and worst of all he played a spy against the Muslims and his countrymen.

More so, Mirza was never a ruler of any description anywhere; far from it. He did not exercise any authority over any village of India even. At best, he served as a Munshi in District Court, Sialkot. The truth, therefore, is that no mark of identification spelled out by the holy Prophet(SAW) tilts on him and Mirza admits his low profile in his book, Izala-e-Auham, when he writes on page 200:

"It is possible, rather very much possible, that such Masih will come in some era on whom the apparent words of the Ahadith of the Prophet (SAW) will fall true because this humble self has not come down with sovereignty or rulership of the world".

Thus, Mirza cannot be deemed Masih because he does not befit the holy Prophet's(SAW) edict.

(c) Breaking of the Cross
Hazrat Isa's most important mission, after descending on the earth will be the reformation of his people who shall consist of his antagonists, the Jews and his protagonists, the Christians.

In those days, Dajjal, will be the leader of all the Jews. Hazrat Isa(AS) will first put him to death and then make an end of the Jews. Then he will turn towards the Christians and reform them of their misguided notions that stemmed from the beliefs of Trinity, Crucifixion and Expiation. His descending in day-light before all eyes, the very spectacle, will dispel the deification dogma. A human among humans, his physique will refute dogmas of Trinity, Cross and Atonement. With a living Masih(AS) around and spurious beliefs negated, the Christians shall pray to Allah for forgiveness. Naturally, they will take to Islam and will throw away all 'crosses', none remaining.

As you know, most evils in society take root from pork-eating. Therefore, Hazrat Isa(AS) will destroy swine. In this way, he will uproot all noxious practices at religious and social levels. Christians, converted to Islam, will break 'crosses' themselves and kill pigs and swine.

Could Mirza accomplish all this? How could he go against his swine-eater masters. Does a vassal go against his lord?

During the period he alleged he was busy in breaking the cross, he got an excuse that he had no time to go to Haj. The fact remains that Christianity made great progress during that very period. In his book, Izala-e-Auham, he writes on page 491:

"When slightly over half of the thirteenth century had passed, then this group of Dajjals appeared. They continued to make substantial progress till the end of this century. Then, as Priest Baker Sahib said, Christians reached up to the pitch of 500,000 in India alone. It has now been estimated that 100,000 men will become Christians in the next twelve years."

It was the ill-omened step of Mirza that caused so many Christian bloomings to sprout up in India. This was the condition when he was alive. What happened after his exit from the world is quoted from a Qadiani newspaper, Al-Fazl, dated June 19, 1941, on page 5:

"Do you know, there are 137 Christian missions operating in India i.e. Head missions; number of their branches is many more. More than 1800 Priests are working in the Head Missions. There are 403 hospitals in which 500 Doctors are working. There are 43 printing presses and about 100 newspapers are printed in different languages. They are running 51 Colleges, 617 High Schools and 61 Training Colleges, where 60,000 students study. In the (Christian) Salvation Army there are 308 European and 2,866 Indian priests. Under them, there are 507 Primary Schools in which 18,675 students study. Under different departments of this "Army", 3,200 men are nourished. As a result of these efforts and sacrifices it is said that 224 persons of different religions are being daily converted to Christianity in India".

Al-Fazl reports 81,760 persons becoming Christians every year in 1941 in India alone, leave aside the remaining world. Judge for yourself: Does this amount to breaking the 'cross' for which the Prophet(SAW) had given the good news on oath. Could this counterfeit Masih be that breaker of 'Cross' for whom the Prophet(SAW) said 'Give my salaam to him!"

Let your conscience be the judge and remove the impure from the pure if you can. Take it for sure that there will come down the real Masih, and not this scarecrow! That Masih, who will wipe off the relics of Christianity from the face of the earth will be different from this impostor.

Nothing what Mirza says stands but on crutches of circumvention. When foretelling of the Prophet(SAW) are straightforward why believe in the crookedness of a crook.

But Mirza had a brain-wave. He came out with an idea and said that Masih(AS) was lying buried in a grave in Mohalla Khan Yar in Srinagar (Kashmir, India). This turned out to be Yuza Asef's, grave but Mirza insisted on his version. Reason for his insistence was that thereby he would ask the people to take it for granted that 'Cross' had been broken. Then, he went one step further to say that he had killed the God of Christians:

"In fact our purpose in tile is twofold; one, to kill a prophet and second, to kill Satan". (Malfoozat, Vol. 10, P. 60).

But those upon whom Allah has bestowed knowledge are aware that killing of the god of Christians was an "accomplishment" of Sir Syed Ahmad! At a time when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad firmly believed in a living Masih and used to prove that Masih was alive by quoting the Ayat of the holy Quran and his own "revelation" as on pages 498-99 and 505 in his Braheen-e-Ahmadiya, Sir Syed Ahmad at that very time had vainly and presumptuously proved the death of Hazrat Isa(AS) (God forbid) on the holy Quran's testimony. Result was that some persons were misguided by the notions of Sir Syed Ahmad, and men like Hakeem Noor-ud-Din, Maulvi Abdul Kareem and Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohvi and some modern educated people fell a prey to the belief of Masih's death. Therefore, if proving Masih's death means breaking the 'Cross' then, it is Sir Syed who deserves the title of the "promised Masih" and "breaker of Cross", and not Mirza!

Anyhow, it should also be noted that 'Cross worship and expiation dogmas came to be accepted by the Christians when the 'Cross' was regarded sanctimonious because 'hanging' of Hazrat Isa(AS) and his dying on it is the belief of Christians. Mirza differs from this belief only over one detail, that is, he says that Isa(AS) did not die as a result of hanging but feigned dead-like and contrived to escape into Kashmir where he died a natural death later. In short, Mirza agrees with the Christians that Isa(AS) is dead; so wherefore his claim of breaking the 'Cross' stands?

Islam calls the whole episode a story made up by the Jews in which the Christians acquiesced and I say Mirza, in his folly, followed suit trailing behind them. Therefore, in Islam, Isa was never crucified. Hence the crucifix has no sanctity. This truth will unravel at the time of Hazrat Isa's descent. His sublime presence shall put all spurious beliefs to naught.

(d) Wars will cease and Jazia will end
The above-quoted Hadith of Sahih Bukhari has mentioned the words wars will end as one great deed of Hazrat Masih(AS), i.e. he will put a stop to strife and war. Other Traditions in which these words are used, purport to signify that levy of Jazia will cease. Mirza mounts up his falsehood on the basis of this Prophetic saying and asks Muslim Ummah to become obedient to the British Government. For this reason he declared that holy wars waged against the British were 'Haram' (forbidden.). On the other hand, this Tradition merely meant to say that after the arrival of Hazrat Masih(AS) all sorts of dissension against one another shall disappear, whether religious or secular. There will be neither enmity nor resentment, no squabbles, no fights. In this situation, Jazia will automatically cease because religious feuds would have disappeared.

But, historically we find that during the post-death era of Mirza, his ill-omened being heralded poppies of two World Wars with sporadic outbreaks of hostilities here and there, while the third world war is looming large on humanity's head like the sword of Damocles. Far from putting an end to Jazia, Mirza's Qadiani Jamaat today is eating bread and butter of non-Muslims in Britain and elsewhere in European Christian countries.

Be just and tell me if the tokens the Prophet(SAW) swore by are discernible anywhere in Mirza's personality? Certainly not. Ponder, is Mirza a Masih a laughing stock?

(e) Killing of Dajjal

As the Chief of Jews, Dajjal will first of all show himself off as a very holy man, then he will claim prophethood, next he will claim to be God (Fath-ul-Bari, Vol. 13, P. 79). He will be one-eyed and (Kafir) or ( K F R ) will be inscribed on his forehead which every literate and illiterate Muslim shall be able to decipher. He will make his own paradise and hell. (Mishkat, P. 473). Seventy thousand Jews of Esfahan will accompany him. (Mishkat, P. 475). He will appear forth from the middle of Iraq and Syria and raise mischief right and left. For forty days, he will cause turmoil in the world. First day of the forty shall be equivalent to one year and second day to one month and the third day to one week and all the remaining days shall be of normal duration. He will travel fast like wind behind clouds. (Mishkat, P. 473). People out of fear will go into mountains.

Allah will give Dajjal leeway and capacity to rouse people to rebellion. Before his appearance there will be three exacting years, in the first of which, rainfall will be less by one-third of the normal, leading to a shortfall of one-third in grain production; rains in the second year will be less by two-third, resulting in a shortfall of grain by two-third, till in the third year there will be no growth as not one drop of rain will fall. Beasts and cattle will die on account of severe famine and drought. On the other hand, rain will fall on lands of those persons who would have reposed their faith in Dajjal. Therefore, their lands shall have vegetation and cattle shall return from pastures with filled bellies; those having no faith in him will be indigent and their cattle destroyed. (Mishkat, P. 473-474)

When Dajjal shall go over desolate places, he order the land to throw its treasures out; consequently treasures will emerge and accompany him. (Mishkat, P. 473). He will tell a bedouin, "If I bring your dead camels to life will you have faith in me?" He will reply, "Certainly!" Then, Satans, appearing as camels, shall come before him. He will think that is camels have really become alive. Thus, bound by spells, he will believe in Dajjal as God. Similarly he will tell a person, "If I bring your father and brother back to life, will you believe in me?" He will say, "Certainly"! Then he will go to the graves of his father and brother and there, Satans looking like his father and brother, will come out to him and say: "yes, this is God and do believe in him." (Mishkat, P. 477). In this way, Dajjal will mislead humanity and only Allah's chosen people will not be influenced by his deceit and trickery. Therefore the Prophet(SAW) was pleased to say in his will, that on hearing Dajjal's appearance people should run away from him. (Mishkat, P. 475).

At last Dajjal will turn towards Madinah Tayyibah but will not be able to enter Madinah and will encamp behind Uhad mountain. Then, angels of Allah, the Exalted, will turn his direction towards the country of Syria and having gone there, he will perish. (Mishkat, P. 475)

At the time when Dajjal will be heading towards Syria, Hazrat Imam Mahdi will be busy fighting holy war with Christians on the front of Constantinople. Hearing that Dajjal had emerged, he would return to the country of Syria and will array his troops for a battle. At the time of 'Fair' Salat, when the congregation will be in a standing position before start of Prayers, Hazrat Isa will descend. Hazrat Mahdi will bring him forward to lead prayers and will himself go behind but Hazrat Isa will order him to lead. (Mishkat , P. 480). After finishing prayers, Hazrat Isa(AS) will go out to face Dajjal. He would run off on seeing Hazrat Isa and will start melting like lead. Hazrat Isa(AS) will overtake him at Bab-e-Lud (at present under Israeli possession) and kill him. (Mishkat, P. 473).

Imam Tirmizi according to a narration of Hazrat Mujammi ibn Jariyah(RA) relates this holy saying of the holy Prophet(SAW) that "Hazrat Isa(AS) will kill Dajjal at 'Bab-e-Lud', and says:

"Ahadith in this context have been related from Imran bin Husain, Naafey bin Aqbah, Abi Barzah, Huzaifah bin Usaid, Abi Hurairah, Kaisan, Usman bin Abil Aas, Jabir, Abi Umamah, Ibne Masood, Abdullah bin Umar, Samurah bin Jundab, Nawwas bin Samaan, Umar bin Auf, Huzaifah bin Yaman (that is from fifteen Companions or Sahabah). This Hadith is Sahih." (Tirmizi, Vol. 2, P. 48).

Above is the description of that creature called Dajjal whose killing has been foretold by the Prophet(SAW) and whose liquidator has to be conveyed the salaam of the holy Prophet(SAW). Can any one professing faith in the Prophet(SAW) declare that a Dajjal of such description has ever emerged in the world and has any Isa bin Mariam killed him? Only a person without faith in the holy Prophet(SAW) can waver.

Now, judge what Mirza does. Because he had counterfeited Masih, the need arose to make one artificial Dajjal also. This he did by means of a master idea. He announced that the group of Christian Priests was Dajjal. Qadianis believe in this, but they know that Priests have been here for centuries. They were existing even before the Prophet(SAW). If they were Dajjal, wouldn't have the Prophet(SAW) said so and do these Priests match the same description as the Prophet(SAW) had foretold about Dajjal. And if by any stretch of imagination, priests are Dajjals, did Mirza's so-called messiahship kill them? Do they not exist today? No logic is needed to disprove this. If Mirza's Dajjal has been killed, wherefrom is this multitude of Priests and wherefore is Christianity making progress?

(f) General Conditions at the time of descent of Hazrat Masih(AS)
The Prophet(SAW) gave a detailed account of the pattern of auspiciousness that would be prevailing in the times of Hazrat Isa(AS) For the sake of brevity, I quote one Hadith and I have selected this one because it has been translated into Urdu by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad Qadiani, son of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, in his book Haqiqat-un-Nubuwwah on page 192. This is what Mirza Mahmud Ahmad has written. He quotes the Prophet(SAW):

"Prophets are like brothers-in-affinity. Their mothers are different, but Deen is one. And I have the closest connection with Isa bin Mariam, because in between him and myself there is no prophet and he is about to descend. Therefore, when you see him, recognize him, that he is even-stature with red-white mixed complexion and wearing yellow clothes. Water shall be dropping from his head, although water will not have been shed over the head. He will break the 'cross,' kill the swine and will forsake 'Jazia' and will invite people to Islam. Lions and camels, leopards and cows, wolves and goats will graze about together. Children will play with snakes and they will not harm them. Isa bin Mariam will remain on earth for forty years and then he will die and Musalmans will offer his funeral prayer."

I ask you to read once again this Hadith which your own Chief of Jamaat, Mirza Mahmud wrote in his book. You see for yourself if this was the condition that prevailed when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was alive? While the Prophet(SAW) is saying that wars will cease, yet reports from news-media indicate that only 24 days in this century have been such that human blood has not flowed on our terra firma. During Hazrat Isa's(AS) time there will be such peace and tranquillity that not to speak of relations between two men, even the beasts will not harbor enmity against one another. But here among Mirza's own Jamaat flames of enmity and hatred are blazing; what to say about others!

7. Disinclination towards world and recourse to Allah

At the end of the Hadith of Sahih Bukhari mentioned above, the Prophet(SAW) also said that riches shall start flowing like torrents in the times of Hazrat Isa(AS) to the extent that nobody will come forward to take them and one prostration in prayer will be deemed better than all the world can offer. (Sahih Bukhari, Vol. 1, P. 49). Reason will be that men will be disinclined towards accepting worldly riches, as Hazrat Isa's descent will assure them that the Day of Reckoning is close at heels. They will abstain from sins. Secondly, Hazrat Isa's guidance, transmuting vices into virtues, will tend to brighten human values of godliness. Thus, with the world having disgorged its fortunes, and indigence having disappeared, nobody will obviously be left to accept alms and zakat (obligatory charity payable on wealth, mistakenly known as "poor-due"). In this situation, Salat, as a means of attaining Divine proximity, will take precedence over worship through alms and charitable deeds. Therefore, one prostration on ground will carry more value than all that the world would offer. Contrarily, the scenario at Mirza's time was one of greed, avidity and voluptuousness, so much so that vices, in all hues and colors, worsened in Mirza's own Jamaat in those days and he lived through to see this horrendous spectacle.

My Last Word

Because you, my brother-in-humanity, have asked me to avoid incurring Allah's displeasure and that of the Prophet(SAW) and have warned me, I reciprocate the same tidings to you and through you to your Organization and finally to your Mirza Tahir Ahmad coolly to think over Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's stance, in the light of the pronouncements of Allah and His Prophet(SAW). If you find that your Mirza Ghulam Ahmad truly fits into being called Masih, go ahead and accept him so, but if not, then reject him. Believing in him means disbelieving in Allah and His Prophet(SAW). Don't do injustice to yourself. Now that fifteenth century has come, we should wait for the arrival of a new revivalist (Mojadded) by rejecting the claim of Mirza Sahib and confirming the pronouncements of our holy Prophet(SAW), because Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself said:

"If I manage to accomplish in support of Islam that work which the promised Masih and the promised Mahdi should do, then I am truthful and if nothing is done and I am dead, then let all be witness that I am a liar.

Therefore, if I fail in the manifestation of this essential intent notwithstanding millions of tokens coming forth from me, then I am a Liar."
(Mirza Ghulam's letter to Qazi Nazar Husa in Badr of 19th July, 1906)

The last word of the last line of your grand sire in this exquisite piece of his writing is my answer to your letter. I couldn't have written more specifically. Here it is right from the horse's mouth.

Remember, Mirza's long windy predictions, his revelation claims 'from the blue', his poetic loquacity are hallucinations that descended upon this sick man, alas! Beware, your press conferences, media coverages, and periodical meetings, etc. are trash. These are rotten commodities that would not sell in the market of truth and rightfulness. Don't believe in Mirza's circumlocutions, concoctions, circumventions, and 'millions of tokens', which prove Mirza a straight liar. Call him a liar, as he himself wants you to call him in his above quotation. He does not meet the standard set forth by the holy Prophet(SAW), so he is not the "Promised Masih", nor is it justified to call him "Promised Masih".

In the end, I invite you to believe in the holy saying of the Prophet(SAW) and leave Mirza's brain-child. Allah shall grant you great recompense on this act of yours, but if you turn away, remember, no sooner the pangs of death start than the truth will unravel you.

With all my prayers,

Muhammad Yusuf Lughianvi

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Who is the Promised Messiah?

There are one or more sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(S) transmitted by Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad in their respective collections of Hadith books regarding Al-Masih Al-Maw'oud, the Promised Messiah. Fazlul Karim, in his translation of Mishkat Al-Masabih published under the title "Al-Hadis" Vol.IV, pages 82-83, quotes four Ahadith from sound sources. Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad(S) are clear in identifying the Promised Messiah to be the great Prophet of Allah Isa(A) (Jesus) who was raised up towards Allah according to the Qur'an, Surah 4 Ayah 158. In the same Surah, Ayah 157 is clear that the Prophet Isa(A) was neither killed nor died on the cross but it appeared so to his contemporaries who claimed to have witnessed the event.

However, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani (1839-1908), the founder of the, so called, Ahmadiya Movement in Islam, commonly known among Muslims as Qadiyanism or Mirzaiyat, denied that meaning of the Qur'anic verses (referred to above) as understood by Islamic scholars for thirteen centuries. He claimed that Isa Ibn Maryam(A) travelled to Kashmir, lived for a long full life, died and was buried there. This claim of Ghulam Qadiyani goes against the record of Christians as well as Muslims.

Instead of believing as Muslims believe (see the Qur'an 2:13), Ghulam claimed that he was Maryam (Mary, mother of Jesus(A)), he became pregnant and delivered himself as Jesus and turned into the Promised Messiah. On top of this, he claimed that he was the fulfillment of the prophesies of Prophet Muhammad(S). All references to Ghulam Qadiyani's claim and writing in this brochure are in "QADIYANIAT, AN ANALYTICAL SURVEY" by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, published by Idara Tarjuman Al-Sunnah, Lahore, Pakistan.

Due to the lack of space, full text of Ahadith (teachings of Prophet Muhammad(S)) will not be given, instead, relevant pieces of Ahadith will be given in simple language (underlined for emphasis) and claim of Ghulam Qadiyani will be examined.

1. The Promised Messiah shall be the son of Mary and none else. Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani was not the son of Mary but son of an Indian lady whose name was not Mary but it was Chiragh Bibi. Just to fit himself into the prophesy he concocted the story that he himself was Mary, became pregnant, delivered himself and so on. He wrote, "I was made Mary. I remained Mary for two years. Then the soul of Jesus was blown into me as it was blown inside Mary. Thus I conceived metaphorically. After some months, not exceeding ten, I changed from Mary and was made Jesus. In this manner, I became 'son of Mary'". Another time Ghulam Qadiyani wrote, "I saw myself as if I am a woman and Allah expressed in me His reproductive power of manliness."

2. The Promised Messiah "shall descend amidst you". Ghulam Qadiyani himself wrote: "It occurs in Hadith that the Messiah shall descend from the sky and will be (clad) in two yellow sheets". Ghulam Qadiyani did not descend from anywhere but appointed himself. He was born of Chiragh Bibi.

3.The Promised Messiah shall descend on the white minaret of a mosque in the eastern part of Damascus. He did two things to fit himself into this part of the prophesy. (a) He claimed that the village of Qadiyan was like Damascus and he tried to fabricate similarities between Damascus and Qadiyan. (b) He built a mosque with a minaret in Qadiyan and painted it white. He called the minaret, "Minaret of the Messiah". However, he could not show people that he was descending from heaven on the minaret. Had there been helicopters in those days he, perhaps, would have borrowed one from the British to show himself descending on the minaret from a helicopter.

4. The Promised Messiah shall descend while clad in two yellow sheets. Ghulam Qadiyani rationalized that two yellow sheets meant two diseases. He said that he was suffering from polyuria (mituration) and giddiness of head. He boasted that he urinated 100 times a day. He also contradicted himself while saying, "It is possible that another Messiah may descend whom befit the qualities mentioned in the Hadith, manifestly." Finally, he told the truth when he wrote, "two self-contradictory sayings can only come from a madman or from a hypocrite."

5. The Promised Messiah shall break the cross. This prophesy was interpreted to mean that all Christians shall convert to Islam and Christianity as a separate religion shall cease to exist. Qadiyani himself wrote, "The purpose of descent of Messiah is that the theory of Trinity will be completely obliterated..." It is obvious that Christians have multiplied manyfold during the last century. Even in the District of Gordaspur the Christian population increased eight-fold between the time of Qadiyani's claim of Messiahship and his death. Ghulam Qadiyani said to emphasize his mission of obliterating Christianity from the earth, "If I do not do for the protection of Islam what is attributed to the Promised Messiah and I die, bear witness that I am a liar." Well! Time has given the proof of what he was.

6. The Promised Messiah shall kill the pig. This prophesy was interpreted that the eating of pig products shall cease to exist. Obviously, this prophesy was not fulfilled.

7. The Promised Messiah shall be a just ruler. A just ruler is not a subject of any people or government. Firstly, Ghulam Qadiyani was a subject of the British throne not a ruler. He boasted, "Till his death, my father remained a sincere servant of the English Government". About himself he boasted, "I rose to the service of the English Government with my hand and pen ... I have promised to God that I shall not write a book except that I shall mention in it the favours of the Imperial Government".

Secondly, he was accused by his own followers to be an embezzler of funds of his community. He was not even a just leader of his small community.

8. The Promised Messiah shall bring all humanity under one religion, Islam, before his death. Ghulam Qadiyani himself agreed, "... during the period of the Promised Messiah the false religious communities will perish." He further clarified at another place, "... lies will completely vanish and all religious communities except Islam will be destroyed." A century has passed since Qadiyani's claim of Messiahship yet the Muslims of the world remain 20 to 25 percent of the world population. If Qadiyani population only is considered (because Ghulam taught them that they are the only Muslims in the world) they are under 0.02% of the world population.

9. The Promised Messiah shall kill the Dajjal, the Deceiver, at the gate of Ludd or Lydda. Frequently Dajjal is translated as "Anti-Christ" which may not be true. In fact, in Islam, there is no concept of Anti-Christ associated with a person. Ghulam Qadiyani himself wrote, "Then, Messiah son of Mary shall move out in search of the Dajjal; he will overtake him at the gate of a town among the towns of Bait Al-Muqaddas (Jerusalem) known as Ludd and kill him." As we know that no such person having attributes of the Dajjal has appeared, yet. Naturally, Qadiyani did not kill any Dajjal, he was never accused of killing any person nor he visited Ludd or Lydda.

10. Allah will generate so much wealth under the rule of the Promised Messiah that no beggar and no poverty will be left in the world. It is no secret that there is poverty and hunger all over the world including in the most prosperous First World of the West. Ghulam Qadiyani himself was a beggar; he wrote, "It is necessary for everyone of my followers to remit to me monthly sum of his money." Qadiyani's brother-in-law Mirza Sher Ali used to say, "Ghulam Ahmad is indeed, a liar and a looter; he has opened this shop to grab money from people".

11. The Promised Messiah will establish peace on earth. The lion will graze about with a camel, the leopard with a cow, the wolf with a sheep, Children will play with snakes who will not harm them. Ghulam Qadiyani lived for almost seventeen years after the claim of his Messiahship but he did not establish peace on earth. In fact, two world wars took place and hundreds of small wars have taken lives of millions of people since the death of Qadiyani. There has been inestimable damage to the environment during periods of "peace" and also due to wars. Lions continue to eat their favorite animals and snakes continue to bite people.

12. The Promised Messiah shall perform Hajj or Umra or both. Ghulam Qadiyani was so scared of dying that he did not perform Hajj or Umra despite his claim about himself, "And God will protect you from people".

13. The Promised Messiah shall remain on earth for forty-five years before dying. About Ghulam Qadiyani, his son Bashir Ahmad wrote, "His Holiness announced that he had been commissioned for the reformation of this Ummah in the year 1882. In the year 1889 he announced that he is the revivalist (mujaddid). He remained steadfast on this until in 1891 he announced that he is "the Promised Messiah". From the time of his birth in 1839-40 he lived for 68-69 years, dying in 1908. The time of his claim to be a reformer was 26 years, the time of his claim to be a mujaddid was 19 years and the time of his claim to Messiahship was 17 years until his death. When is one supposed to begin counting to make 45 years of Messiahship?

14. Ghulam Qadiyani agreed with a Hadith, "Indeed the Prophet of God said that the Messiah will be buried in my grave". Ghulam Qadiyani did not even visit the grave of the Prophet(S). He died in Lahore, his body was carried to Qadiyan where he was buried.

The above 14 points mentioned in prophesies of the Prophet Muhammad(S) regarding the Promised Messiah and their analysis in the light of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani show that the claimant of Messiahship was a liar and an imposter. The Promised Messiah, Jesus(A) is yet to descend and he will at the time appointed by Allah Himself.

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The Qadiyani Funeral

Authentic religious rulings (Fatwa) issued in the light of the Islamic Shariat in reply to questions as to how the Muslims should conduct themselves in their dealings with the Qadianis/Ahmadis/Mirzi's.


  1. On the death of Dr. Muhammad Saeed, a Mirzai of Village Datah, District Mansahra, the Muslims of Datah offered his funeral prayer under a Muslim Imam. Thereafter, the Qadianis held a second funeral prayer for the said deceased person. What is the injunction of the Shariat about the said Imam and the Muslims (who participated in the funeral prayer)?
  2. Muslim girls are living in Qadiani households as wives. Their Muslim parents are maintaining son/father-in-law relations with these Qadianis. Will the children born from such wedlocks be regarded as legitimate or illegitimate children in the light of the Shariat of the holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW).
  3. The Muslim communities in general do not treat the Qadianis like other Kafirs (infidels); they treat them like Muslims. They freely mix, eat and drink with the Qadianis and participate in their joys and sorrows and bid them Assalamu alaykum (peace on you), when they meet one another. Likewise, they invite them to their funeral and marriage feasts and take part in Fatihas. Are they (the Muslims) accountable for such acts and do they remain as Muslims in the light of the Shariat?

Majlis-e-Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. District Mansahra.

The Answer

In the name of Allah the Beneficent and Merciful

Before stating the answers, I mention a few points by way of introductory remarks.

First, if there is anyone who holds beliefs of infidelity and yet claims to be a Muslim and presents his beliefs of infidelity in the name of Islam, by placing wrong interpretations on the texts of the Shariat, he is called a Zindeeq. In the chapter on Zindeeq (The Apostate), Allama Shami writes:

"....because a Zindeeq camouflages his infidelity and desires to popularize his false beliefs and presents them in an apparently plausible form, this is what is called camouflaging infidelity". (Shami, Vol. 4, P. 246, New Edition).

In Musawwa, an Arabic commentary on Muwatta Imamul Hind, Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi writes:

"It may be explained that a person who is opposed to the true Faith and does not believe in Islam, nor does he acknowledge the religion of Islam, either outwardly or inwardly, is called a Kafir. If he believes in the Faith only verbally, but offers such interpretations of some fundamentals of the Faith as contradict the views of the Sahabah, the Tabieen and the consensus of the Ummah, then such a person is called a Zindeeq".

By way of explaining the difference between a correct interpretation and a wrong interpretation, Shah Waliullah further writes:-

"Moreover, there are two kinds of interpretations: One that does not contravene a decision that stands finally established under the authority of the Quran and the Sunnah; the other one is that interpretation which contravenes a decision that stands proved under a finally established evidence (based on the Quran and /or the Sunnah). Such an interpretation is Zandaqah".

Citing examples of interpretations that involve Zandaqah, Shah Waliullah further writes:

"... or some person says that although the noble Prophet(SAW) is undoubtedly the last of the Prophets, yet this only means that after him none will be given the name of a Prophet, but the concept of prophethood -- viz. the sending down by Allah of some person who must be obeyed as a matter of obligation and who has been protected from persevering in sins and faults -- continues in the Ummah even after the noble Prophet(SAW), then such a person is a Zindeeq." (Musawwa, Vol. 2, P. l30)

In short, one is called a Zindeeq who presents his beliefs of infidelity in the garb of Islam, interprets the Quran and the Sunnah in a way that is contrary to the finally confirmed Islamic beliefs handed down through uninterrupted authority.

Secondly: a Zindeeq falls within the purview of an apostate. In one respect a Zindeeq is worse than an apostate, because if by expressing repentance, an apostate re-embraces Islam, there is consensus of opinion that his repentance is acceptable, but opinions differ about the acceptability or the unacceptability of the repentance of a Zindeeq.

It occurs in Durr-i-Mukhtar:

"... in the same way the repentance of a person who becomes a Kafir on account of his Zandaqah is not acceptable. He has been described in Fathul Qadeer as Zahirul Mazhab (professing the Faith only outwardly), but the Fatwa given in the book of Fatwa Qazi Khan in the chapter "Al-Hazr" lays down: If a magician or a Zindeeq, who is well-known and preaches (his beliefs), is arrested before expressing repentance and repents after his arrest, his repentance is not acceptable... On the other hand, if he has expressed repentance before arrest, his repentance will be accepted." (Al-Shami, Vol. 4, p.241, New Edition)

It occurs in Bahrur Ra'iq:-

"In the case of Zahirul-Mazhab (outward profession of faith), the repentance of a Zindeeq is not acceptable--Zindeeq being a person who follows no religion. It is mentioned in Fatawa Qazi Khan: If a Zindeeq, before being arrested, confesses willingly, that he is a Zindeeq and then expresses repentance there for, his repentance will be acceptable; but if he expresses repentance after his arrest, then his repentance will not be accepted..." (Bahrur Raiq, Vol. 5, P. 136).

Thirdly: That the Qadianis are Zindeeq is quite obvious, because their beliefs are totally opposed to the tenets of Islam. By placing wrong interpretations on the texts of the Quran and the Sunnah, they try to delude the ignorant into the belief that they themselves (Qadianis) are staunch, true Muslims and besides them the entire Muslim Ummah is misguided, Kafir and faithless. This is according to what the late Mirza Mahmud, the second Head of the Qadianis, has written:-

"All Muslims who did not swear allegiance to the promised Masih (i.e. Mirza) are Kafirs (infidels) and out of the pale of Islam, even if they may not have heard the name of the promised Masih." (Ai-eena-i-Sadaqat, P. 35).

The Heretic Beliefs of the Mirzais

1. It is the finally confirmed belief of Islam that the noble Prophet(SAW) is the last of the Prophets, and after him none can rise to the status of prophethood. On the contrary, not only do the Qadianis deny this belief, but they also consider that without the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, Islam is a dead religion (Allah forbid).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says:-

"We believe that a religion in which the succession of prophethood stands closed is dead. We call the Jewish, the Christian and the Hindu (religions) dead, because they have no prophets. If Islam, too, were like them, then we are no more than story-tellers. Why do we claim that it (Islam) is superior to other religions? Islam should have some distinction to justify this claim... For many years, I have been receiving wahi (revelations) and many signs of Allah have borne witness to this. I am, therefore, a Prophet. No secrecy should be maintained in conveying the truth". (Malfoozate Mirza, Vol. 10, P. 127 -128).

2. It is the finally confirmed belief of Islam that the door of Prophethood has been closed after the departure of the noble Prophet(SAW) and he who claims to (receive) prophetic revelations stands expelled from the pale of Islam. However, the Qadianis believe in the self-invented revelation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani and recognize it like the Quran. The Tazkirah is one of the various names of the Quran. The Qadianis have compiled the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the form of a book and have given it the name of Tazkirah, as though it were the Qadiani Quran--Allah forbid. Further, the Qadiani revelation is not an ordinary ilham (inspiration) which divine men also receive. To them (the Qadianis) it is at par with the Quran. Just see:

  1. "... and I believe in the open wahi of Allah which I have received, precisely in the same way as I believe in the verses of the Quran." (Ek Ghalati ka Izalah, P. 6).
  2. "I believe in my wahi in the same way as I believe in the Torah, the Injeel and the Quran . " (Arba'een, P. 112).
  3. "... I swear by God that I believe in these revelations in the same way as I believe in the Quran and other divine Scriptures. I believe that the word that descends on me is the word of God, just as I believe that the Quran is surely and decidedly the word of God." (Haqiqat-ul-Wahi, P. 220).

3. It is an Islamic belief that it is Kufr to claim that one is able to show a miracle after the departure of the noble Prophet(SAW), because the display of miracles is the exclusive privilege of a prophet. As such, one who claims the ability to show a miracle is a Kafir, because one (thus) claims to be a prophet.

Allama Mulla Ali Qari (Allah's mercy on him) writes in Sharh-i-Fiqh Akbar on page 202:

"The claim to the ability to show a miracle is a branch of the claim to prophethood and the claim to prophethood after our noble Prophet(SAW) is deemed as Kufr by unanimous consensus.

On the contrary, the Qadianis, along with their faith in the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani, also put faith in his miracles. They regard the miracles of the noble Prophet as mere stories and tales--Allah forbid. They are prepared to believe in the noble Prophet(SAW) as a prophet only when Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is also believed to be a Prophet, otherwise neither they consider the noble Prophet as a Prophet, nor Islam as a religion.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad writes:

"Neither that religion is a religion, nor that Prophet a Prophet by following which/whom a human being does not attain such closeness to Allah as confers on him the honor of conversation with Allah. That religion is a curse and an object of contempt which teaches that human progress depends on a few narrated anecdotes (i.e. the Islamic Shariat which is narrated from the noble Prophet(SAW) - Compiler) and that divine revelations have lagged behind instead of going ahead... hence such a religion deserves to be called Satanic rather than divine". (Zameema-i-Baraheen-i-Ahmadia, Part V, P. l39).

"How silly and false a belief it is to think that after the Prophet(SAW) the door of divine revelation is closed for ever and no hope of it is left for the future till the Day of Resurrection, except that one should worship only stories. Can such a religion be regarded as religion as offers no direct line of approach to God? I swear by God that these days none is more disgusted with such a religion than I. I name such a religion Satanic rather than Divine". (Zameema-i-Baraheen-i-Ahmadia, Part V, P. l83).

"To tell the truth, we have come to believe in the Quran and the noble Prophet(SAW) through this very source (Mirza). We believe in the Quran as God's Word, because this proves his (Mirza's) prophethood. The ignorant one objects to our believing in the promised Masih (Mirza) as a prophet and his word as the word of God. He little knows that our faith in the Quran and in the Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW) is due to his (Mirza's) prophethood." (Mirza Mahmud's speech published in Al-Fazl, Qadian, Vol. 13/3, dated July 11,1925, Qadiani Mazhab, Fifth Edition, Fifth Chapter, No. 74).

It is now quite clear from the above-cited statements of Mirza that, if it is denied that he received revelations and that he was a prophet, then in his (Mirza's) opinion the belief in the Prophethood of Muhammad(SAW) becomes (Allah forbid) null and void and the religion of Islam is no more than a collection of stories. Declaring such Islam as cursed, satanic and contemptible, Mirza expresses his disgust with it, rather proclaims himself to be the greatest of all atheists. The Muslims should take this as a warning. Can there be a more heinous form of infidelity, heresy, Zandaqah and atheism than to revile the noble Prophet(SAW) and the religion of Islam to one's fill?

4. The Muslims believe that Muhammad(SAW) is the Prophet of Allah. But in his pamphlet, Ek Ghalati ka Izalah, the Mirza has, on the basis of his "revelations", declared that he himself is --Allah forbid--Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah. As the Qadianis have firm faith in the wahi of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they believe that the late Mirza was Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah, and they regard as Kafir all those who do not believe that Mirza was Muhammad, the Prophet of Allah.

5. On the basis of the Quran and the Traditions (Ahadith) of uninterrupted narration, the Muslims believe that Hazrat Isa (Christ)(AS) was raised up to the heavens alive and that when the Day of Resurrection draws near, he will come down and kill Dajjal (Anti-Christ). The Mirzais, on the contrary believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani himself is Isa and the prophecies mentioned in the Quran and the Traditions about the descending of Hazrat Isa(AS) apply to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani.

Thus, the Qadianis profess countless Zindiqana (heretic) beliefs about which scholars of the Ummah have compiled many books which make it abundantly clear that the Qadianis are Kafirs, apostates, heretics and Zindeeq.

Fourthly: Funeral prayers are offered only for Muslims. It is not lawful to offer funeral prayer for a non-Muslim. The Quran says:

"..and never (O Muhammad) pray for one of them who dies, nor stand by his grave, for they disbelieved in Allah and His Messenger, and they died while they were evil-doers". (The Holy Quran, 9:84)

All jurists (of Islam) are unanimous on the point that funeral prayer is lawful on the condition that the deceased was a Muslim. There is consensus of opinion that funeral prayer is not lawful for a non-Muslim, nor is it permitted to pray for his salvation and bury him in the graveyards of the Muslims.

After these introductory remarks answers to the questions are given seriatim:-

Answer to the First Question

If the Muslims who offered funeral prayer for the Mirzai were unaware of his belief, they committed a vice for which they should implore Allah's forgiveness, because they committed an unlawful act by offering funeral prayer for an apostate Mirzai.

If they offered funeral prayer for him, despite their knowledge that the man believed in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's so-called prophethood, had faith in his 'wahi' (revelation) and denied that Hazrat Isa(AS) will come down (to earth), then they (the Muslims) should all renew their Iman (belief) and Nikah (marriage contract), because it is Kufr to consider the beliefs of an apostate as Islam. Their Iman and Nikah both became null and void. If anyone of them had performed the Haj, it is incumbent on him to perform the Haj again.

It must be mentioned here that the Qadianis do not consider it lawful to offer funeral prayer for a Muslim, so much so that according to their belief even the funeral prayers for innocent Muslim children are unlawful. Mirza Mahmud, the second vice regent of the Qadianis writes in his book, Anwar-i-Khilafat:

"Another question remains (to be answered): The non-Ahmadis (i.e. the Muslims) deny the promised Masih, (Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani); so we should not offer funeral prayers for them; but if a small child of a non-Ahmadi dies, why should funeral prayer not be offered for him when he is not guilty of denying the promised Masih?

"I put this question to the inquirer: If this is correct, then why are no funeral prayers held for the children of Hindus and Christians? How many are there who offer funeral prayers for them? The fact remains that the Shariat considers the children to be of the same faith which their parents follow. Thus, the child of a non-Ahmadi is also non-Ahmadi. Therefore, his funeral prayer should not be offered. I further say that a child is not a sinner and needs no funeral prayer. The funeral prayer for a child is really an invocation for the benefit of his survivor; and his survivors do not belong to us. As such, funeral prayer should not be offered even for a child". (Anwar-i-Khilafat, P. 93).

A Fatwa by Mirza Mahmud was published in Al-Fazl, dated 23rd October, 1922, to the effect that:

"Just as no funeral prayer can be offered for a Christian child, although he is innocent, in the same way no funeral prayer can be offered for a non-Ahmadi child". (Qadiani Mazhab, 5th Edition. 13th Chap. No. 56).

As such. following the beliefs of his religion, Choudhry Zafarullah Khan, then Foreign Minister), did not participate in the funeral prayer of the Quaid-i-Azam. When he was asked to account for this before the Munir Inquiry Tribunal, he replied:

"Maulana Shabbir Ahmad Usmani, the leader of the funeral prayer, has declared that the Ahmadis are Kafirs and liable to be executed. So, I could not decide to join a prayer which was being conducted under the Imamat of the Maulana". (Report of the Inquiry Tribunal, Punjab, P. 212).

When he was asked outside the Tribunal:

"Why did you not join the Quaid-i-Azam's funeral prayer?" He replied, "You may take me to be the Musalman Minister of an infidel Government or the infidel employee of a Muslim Government". (Zamindar, Lahore, dated 8th February, 1950).

When the Press published reports about this adamant attitude of Choudhry Zafarullah Khan, then the Rabwah Association of the Ahmadis issued the following reply to this:

"An objection is being raised against Choudhry Zafarullah Khan as to why he did not join the funeral prayer of the Quaid-i-Azam. The entire world knows that the Quaid-i-Azam was not an Ahmadi. As such, there is nothing objectionable, if any member of the Ahmadia Jamaat did not join his funeral prayer". (Tract 22, Ahrari Ulama ki rastgoi ka number, Publishers, Manager Publication and Propaganda, Anjuman Ahmadia, Rabwah, District Jhang.)

Likewise, the Qadiani newspaper Al-Fazl gave the following reply:

"Is it not a fact that like the Quaid-i-Azam, Abu Talib also was a great well-wisher of the Muslims, yet neither the Prophet of Allah nor the Muslims offered funeral prayer for him?" (Al-Fazl, Rabwah, dated 28th October, 1952).

How shameful it is that while the Qadianis, considering the Muslims as Kafirs like Hindus, Sikhs and Christians, do not join the funeral prayer of their (the Muslims') great men, nor of their innocent children--Is it lawful for a Muslim to join the funeral prayer of a Qadiani apostate? Can his sense of honor tolerate this?

Answer to the Second Question

When it has become known that the Qadianis are Kafirs and apostates, it also becomes quite clear that a Muslim girl cannot be married to a Mirzai apostate. According to the Islamic Shariat this is pure adultery.

If a Muslim has married his daughter to a Mirzai, because of his ignorance and unawareness, it is his obligatory duty that, after becoming aware of this position, he should repent his sin and get his daughter rescued from the claws of the Qadianis.

It may be understood that in the opinion of the Mirzais the Muslims stand in the same position in which the Jews and the Christians stand in our opinion. It is lawful for the Mirzais to accept Muslim girls in marriage, but it is not lawful for them to give their girls in marriage to the Muslims. There is a Fatwa by Mirza Mahmud to this effect:

"In my opinion a person is not Ahmadi who marries his daughter to a non-Ahmadi. No one can marry his daughter to a person whom he considers to be a non-Muslim".

Question:- "What is the injunction about a Nikah Khwan (solemnizer of marriage) who solemnizes such a Nikah?"

Answer:- "About such a Nikah Khwan we shall pronounce the same Fatwa which can be pronounced about a person who has performed the marriage contract of a Muslim girl to a Christian or a Hindu boy".

Question:- "Can a person who has married his daughter to a non-Ahmadi, invite other Ahmadis to the marriage celebration?"

Answer:- "It is also not lawful to participate in such marriages." (Al-Fazl, Qadian, Dated 23rd May, 1921).

Just as, according to Mirza Mahmud, the man who marries his daughter to a Muslim gets outcast from Mirza's community, in the same way that Muslim is Outcast from Islam who, despite his knowledge about the beliefs of the Qadianis, considers that it is lawful to give his daughter in marriage to a Mirzai. Just as, according to Mirza Mahmud, marrying a Mirzai girl to a Muslim boy is like marrying her to a Hindu or Christian, in the same way, I say that making a Mirzai apostate a son-in-law is like making a Hindu, a Sikh or an untouchable (low-caste Hindu) one's son-in-law.

Answer to the Third Question

It is forbidden for a Muslim to treat the Mirzai apostates like Muslims. It is unlawful, totally unlawful, to associate with them, eat and drink with them and participate in their joys and sorrows or to invite them to one's own joys and sorrows. Those who show such kind of toleration invite the wrath of Allah and the Prophet(SAW) and it does not befit a believer to maintain friendly relations with the enemies of Allah and the Rasool(SAW).

The Quran says:-

"...You will not find folk who believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even though they be their fathers or their sons or their brethren or their clan. As for such, He has written faith upon their hearts and has strengthened them with a Spirit from Him, and He will bring them into gardens underneath which rivers flow, wherein they will abide. Allah is well pleased with them, and they are well pleased with Allah. They are Allah's party. Behold! It is Allah's party who are successful." (The Holy Quran, 58:22)

It is also necessary to mention in the end that the Qadianis have been declared a non-Muslim minority in the Constitution of Pakistan. However, the Qadianis have neither accepted this decision nor concluded to live in Pakistan as non-Muslim citizens (zimmis). They do not, therefore, enjoy the status of zimmis, but their position is like that of belligerent Kafirs and it is not allowed in Shariat to have any sort of dealings with the belligerent.

And Allah knows best.

Signed Muhammad Yusuf Ludhianvi

The answer is correct:

Wali Hasan
Head, Darul-Ifta
Jamiatul-Uloom -il-lslamiyyah
Binnori Town,
Karachi - Pakistan.