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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pakistani Govt.

Pakistan Government's Shameless Act,
Govt. is asking for ALLAH's wrath.
Appeal to the Public Do NOT support the Enemies of Our Beloved Prophet Mohammad-e-Arabi Sallallaho Alyhie Wasallam
Aalmi Majlis Tahafuz e Khatme Nabuwwat's Influential leader Maulana Yousuf Ludhyanvi Shaheed r.a.'s certain books have been banned, and the Govt. has announced this openly. The Tahafuz e Khatme Nabuwwat will hold an Assembly refuting this stupid decision of the Govt.
They have blamed the Govt for banning the books that refute Qadiyani-ism and in the Roznama Islam the Leader of Khatme Nabuwwat Ameer e Markaz Khawaja Khawajgaan, Molana Khan Mohammad, Molana Azeez ArRehmaan Jalandhary, Molana Allah Wasaya, Molana Mohammad Akram Tofani, Maulana Abdul Waheed Qasmi have said that the books that are banned by the Govt. have Information regarding Qadiayni's abuse of Hazrat Isa Alyhi Salam, and abuse of the Kalma, the answers to the 5 questions regarding Hazrat Mehdi and Maseeh, the difference between Qadiayani-ism and other religions and thats all. NONE of the books contain any curse words to Qadiyanis or their Mirza Qadiyani. All books are clean in language and contain references to the Qadiyani books that can be checked, and confirmed if any doubt what so ever.
Following are some popular books banned by the Govt: "Muslim yaa Qadiyani by Tahir Abdur Razzaq" "Qadiyani Shub'haat kay dandaan shiken jawab" "Faisla Aap Kijiyay by Shibzada Tariq Mehmood" and "Qadiyanis total boycott by Mufti Walee Hasan Tonkee" and Aalmee Majlis Tahafuz e Khatme Nabuwwat's published book: Boycott of Qadiyani Products. These leaders have said that the Govt. has NOT put ANY sort of limitation or ban on ANY of Qadiyani's books, Qadiyanis are all allowed to print what ever they want, be it lies/crap or abuse of Prophets Alyhim Salam [AstaghfirULLAH].
The leaders are going to meet with the Mutahida Majlis e Amal leaders: Qazi Husain Ahmad and Molana Fazal ur Rahmaan. They will inform them regarding this unfair ban of the Govt on books of great scholars like Molana Yousuf Ludhyanvi Shaheed r.a. and they will provide the workers of Mutahida Majlis e Amal with sets of books of Molana Yousuf Ludhyanvi Shaheed r.a. and other leaders, and they will appeal the workers to raise their voice in the Assembly AGAINST this unfair act of the stupid Govt and Act of stupid Govt of fully supporting the Qadiyani Zindeeq Kafirs. Qadiyanis are NOT "guests" they are Zindeeq who have abused our Prophet Rasool SAW and Hazrat Maryam Alyhi Salam and Hazrat Isa Alyhi Salam etc......
The Govt is supporting Qadiyanis and InshaALLAH voice will be raised AGAINST this UNFAIR ruling of the Govt. The leaders will also meet with the Senetors and tell them to raise voice against this. IF the Govt. doesn't take back this ruling than ALL PARTNERS CONFERENCE will be held in which ALL THE MUSLIMS will refute the Govt.'s ruling OPENLY and SEVERELY. The leaders have annouced this and warning the Govt. to stop being Promoters of Kufar and Shirk. Now come to think of it... It is a real shame to call it the Govt. of Pak-istan ... Its more like the Govt. of Promoting-Kufar-Istaan. [AstaghfirULLAH Al Azeem].
Please every Muslim raise voice AGAINTS this as much as u can!